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  • Time, Society, Space — 30-Year Persistence of Ever Har vest Ar t Gallery
  • Time, Society, Space — 30-Year Persistence of Ever Har vest Ar t Gallery
  • Time, Society, Space — 30-Year Persistence of Ever Har vest Ar t Gallery

Time, Society, Space — 30-Year Persistence of Ever Har vest Ar t Gallery

Ever Harvest Art Gallery was established in 1991. It's the golden age of Taiwan's art development and the peak of Taiwan's economic takeoff. The prosperous development of economy accelerated the development of art, and Ever Harvest Art Gallery began by acting as an agent for Taiwan's predecessor artists. After Liao Chi-chun and Tan Ting-pho, local Taiwanese artists also began to operate works by overseas Chinese masters such as Chu Teh-Chun and Zao Wou-Ki...etc.  After entering the 21st century, with the advent of the era of globalization, gallery management has witnessed frequent exchange of information and the rise of contemporary art. At this time, artistic creation tends to absorb the spirit of the times and show forward-looking aesthetic models. The rise of the concept of public art has gradually grabbed people's attention after living abundantly in recent years. Just as postmodern architecture emphasizes decoration, curves and metaphors or highlights the development of local meanings. The evolution of public art also shows people's attention to the art of urban space. From an aesthetic point of view, Public art not only has the decorative and beautifying functions of traditional art. At the same time, artists get rid of the museum and gallery mode to rethink the significance of art to public spaces and urban landscapes. It also enables architects to take into account the overall consideration of design functionality and artistry when designing a building.


With the democratic movement of contemporary art, art is no longer just the exclusive entertainment for the upper class. Nowadays, more and more artworks are entering public spaces and close to the public life. However, life actually is an art. Any creative materials can not only reflect the social conditions, but also build a communication bridge between people. At the same time, it can fully express the mass consciousness and the recognition of local culture. Ever Harvest Art Gallery continues to pay attention on the trend of artistic thoughts. Not just limited to wall curation, we tailored the works of contemporary artists to the public space, integrating art into life and bringing beauty to the public. For example, the korean artists, Lee Jae Hyo , his art works which are from the original elements to the production process and completion all possess respect to the nature. Chu Fan-Yi presents the common language betwee people and animals in the form of pottery. And Pang Jiun, Cha Jong-Rye, Park Seung-Mo, Bahk Seon-Ghi, Shih Hsuan-Yu, Lin-Chia-Ching, Wang Pin-Yi etc, those artists we act as agent, they all integrate life and art into our life perfectly.


At the same time, making art life no longer just a slogan but also implementing art in life and improving our spiritual realm and artistic level is a primary goal and purpose in the future for Ever Harvest Art Gallery. Ever Harvest Art Gallery always regards to promoting public art as an important mission. In the meantime, we also hope to construct a rich art platform, so that artists can make good use of their talents and there is no distance between artworks and people. It is rather remarkable that behind this phenomenon is the endless vitality and sense of responsibility. How to "condense" this loving art vitality is the central concept of Ever Harvest Art Gallery. We constantly promote high-quality art, enrich human culture, and transform into the endless vitality of Taiwan's art industry. Simultaneously we also hope to keep pace with the art market, international community and stir up a different spark with the local culture. To create an environment of universal aesthetics and provide a stage for artists to pursue excellence.




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