Four Seasons in Vases - Zie Yongder's Solo Exhibition

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2023-12-23 ~ 2024-02-03


No.115, Sec. 4, Ren'ai Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei



"Four Seasons in Vases" marks Zie Yonder's inaugural solo exhibit in Taiwan since 1982, an extraordinary moment after an eight-year hiatus, offering a rare glimpse into his artistic prowess. Within Hong Kong's publishing realm, he stands as a towering figure, revered as the "Genius for the Magazine." The globally renowned visual cultural museum in Hong Kong, "M+", also has collected two pieces of his artwork. This exhibition at the Ever Harvest Art Gallery will reveal his keen intuition in the art field.

A Versatile Prodigy of the Arts

Born in 1944, Zie Yonder describes his life like this: "Before he was 10, he was a comic artist; before he was 20, he was an artist; before he was 30, he was a graphic designer; before he was 40, he was an advertiser; before he was 50, he was a publisher; before he was 60, he was a life consultant; and now he does whatever is fun".

Lacking formal art education, Zie has remained entrenched in artistic endeavors throughout his life. In his early twenties, with a self-recommendation to Manila's Luz Gallery, he launched his debut exhibition, which promptly sold out, showcasing his unbeatable confidence.

He has since established a printshop, an advertising design company, a gallery, and a publishing group... He garnered substantial success across diverse industries.  is a founding member of the Hong Kong Designers Association and the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild. After retiring from the publishing industry in 1996, he persisted in developing and creating within the art domain.

Zie Yonder's initial works meld realism with abstraction, incorporating urban geometric elements, images, and symbols, creating a nuanced visual style. He ventured into silk screen printing, oil painting, and ink art, later adopting these mediums as primary tools. His penchant for natural forms evokes a metaphysical resonance within viewers.

Four Seasons in Vases – The vessel that encapsulates aspirations for life

The naming of the "Four Seasons in Vases" in this exhibition not only focuses on the positive symbolism, but also resonates with the "Four Seasons" series, featuring the classical “Four Gentlemen” --- Plum blossom, Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum.

The Mandarin word for "vase" shares a phonetic link with the initial character of "peace," signifying positivity since ancient times. Utilized in feng shui to invoke fortune and repel malevolence, placing a vase at home or work fosters peace and goodwill.

Zie's artworks, besides floral displays, showcase butterflies, birds, peaches, and more, portrayed in a two-dimensional realm with three-dimensional depth, akin to Zhuangzi's notion of silent existence—each emitting beauty without being pompous, evoking intellectualism.

Harmonizing Rationality and Sensibility - The Fusion of Eastern and Western Artistry

In the exhibited "Four Seasons" series, the geometric color backgrounds not only modernize Zie's artistry but also echo Andy Warhol's repetitive silkscreen technique, arising diverse moods through color variations.

While emphasizing vase patterns over shadows, each vase serves as an emotional focal point within the painting, contrasting against the rational and pristine background, thereby establishing an emotional contrast.

At the Ever Harvest Art Gallery, Zie will present 24 serigraphs and 6 oil paintings—a narrative tracing his journey from self-promotion to gallery success, mirroring the seasonal changes within him, akin to the winter plum's pride, the summer bamboo's ascent, and the autumn chrysanthemum's representation of Chinese literati simplicity and reclusion—reflecting, indeed, the four seasons within himself.