Irresistible Sweet Dreams - Toru Otsuki's Solo Exhibition

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2024-04-20 ~ 2024-05-12




Irresistible Sweet Dream - Toru Otsuki Solo Exhibition 

Under Toru Otsuki's brush, women, cats, and flowers shine brilliantly against the backdrop of vibrant golden foil. Swarovski crystal stars adorn the scene, exuding elegance with a hint of luxury. This imagery seems to outline a mesmerizing and beautiful daydream, strolling through a dazzling dreamland.


Fujita Tsuguharu's Milk White Nude

Japanese-French artist Fujita Tsuguharu is one of the representative figures of the Paris School of Painting, and Toru Otsuki's portrayal of the female body is influenced by Fujita Tsuguharu's famous milk-white nude figures. During his university years, he began to question why, as a Japanese, he always used Western oil painting techniques. Inspired by Fujita's ability to skillfully blend Eastern and Western styles, he started referencing Fujita's techniques. This reference is not only a tribute to art history but also a reflection on human beauty and artistic forms.

Toru Otsuki is also skilled at depicting nude women, with their skin always as fair as cream. This texture comes from his adept use of semi-oil-based primers, making the skin appear smoother, as seen in his work "White Spring." The women in the painting gaze calmly ahead, with a hint of sorrow between their brows, and their skin, like cream, sets off the faint redness of the rouge, immediately creating a highly emotive narrative. Toru Otsuki reinterprets Fujita Tsuguharu's work, imbuing it with new meaning and expression, presenting his unique aesthetic perspective.


The Fashion Sense in Toru Otsuki's Characters

If you carefully observe the female characters depicted by Toru Otsuki, you will notice that they always exude an air of elegance, wearing European-style dresses with sparkling accessories, radiating nobility and fashion sense. Clothing worn by humans has social significance, and many items in clothing carry cultural, religious, and social meanings. From this, we can see Toru Otsuki's pursuit of female expression as a male artist, which is a kind of lyrical expression in life, carrying the power of women, as if waiting quietly for life to be fulfilled. The mysterious and seductive women in the painting seem to appear in fashion magazines, like symbols of beauty. The ever-changing images of women resonate with the natural world, as women echo new fashion trends and constantly pursue the spirit of beauty. These qualities are precisely what attracts Toru Otsuki to paint women.


Paint x Gold Foil x Crystal - Toru Otsuki's Flexible Use of Mediums

The golden light has always attracted people's attention since ancient times, and Toru Otsuki is no exception. Using gypsum plaster powder based on the Italian "tempera" technique to create relief effects, combined with the Japanese technique of "foil pressing" to apply gold foil, Toru Otsuki has formed a unique aesthetic form. These gold foils play the role of creating atmosphere in the picture, sparkling brilliantly. The semi-oil-based primer makes the skin texture of the characters in Toru Otsuki's paintings even smoother, and the mediums also include oil paints, ink, and finally embellished with Swarovski crystals. These mediums and techniques blend perfectly, making the works both luxurious and delicate, brimming with visual and emotional fulfillment.