The Ode to Spring - Group Exhibition

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2024-03-02 ~ 2024-03-23




Participating Artists: LIAO Chi-Chun, LI Shih-Chiao, KUO Hsueh-Hu, PANG Jiun, YEH Tzu-Chi, PAN Yu, PAN Hsin-Hua, CHI Chien, LIN Hung-Hsin, LIN Hao-Bai, CHEN Yu-An, CHUANG Dao-Ming

“The Ode to Spring”
For individuals, spring marks the beginning of annual planning, as the lush greenery of plants and blooming flowers symbolize the rejuvenation and vitality of all existence. Ancient traditions include consuming "spring dishes," a selection of pungent vegetables, on the first day of spring to welcome the new year, and now we continue this tradition with the beauty of flowers.

Flowers symbolize the prosperity of life; they are a beautiful emblem of hope and renewal, as well as a spiritual refuge during moments of seeking tranquility. Throughout history, flowers have been celebrated in literature and art. In Western art history, we admire Vincent van Gogh's series of sunflowers and Claude Monet's enchanting water lilies. In Chinese art, we appreciate the refined and serene floral works by San Yu, infused with Eastern philosophical thoughts, and Lin Feng Mian's ink paintings capturing the elegance and poetic essence of flowers. Artists express their love for flowers, praise them, and paint them, conveying their emotions through flowers, which are then reflected in their artwork.

In the realm of still life art, the essence of blooming flowers captured on canvas immortalizes the beauty and vitality of nature. While flowers may have their fleeting blooming season, their eternal splendor in paintings transcends time.

Within expressive artworks, flowers serve as conduits for artists' emotions, granting them the freedom to paint akin to the growth of branches and leaves without restraint.

Through our group exhibition, we aim to welcome the new year with spring blossoms amidst the chaos of the world, inviting viewers to engage in a dialogue between past and present within each art piece and to appreciate life's small yet exquisite wonders together. Commencing the new year with such beauty, we anticipate a year filled with prosperity.

This exhibition will bring together different media such as oil painting, acrylic, and ink to present various aspects of flowers. Senior artist Liao Chi-Chun (1902-1976) excels in color application, with vibrant hues and smooth brushstrokes imbuing his artworks with vitality, making the still flowers appear dynamic on canvas. Another senior Taiwanese artist, Yen Shui-Long (1903-1997), demonstrates simplicity and elegance in color expression, with a warm atmosphere and subtle changes of light and shadow in his floral still-life works.

"Roses" are a favorite subject of Li Shih-Chiao (1908-1995), with rich colors and balanced compositions. Decorative floral patterns add richness and interest to his floral creations. Kuo Hsueh-Hu (1908-2012) often visited the Ueno Museum to sketch vases and observed flowers, resulting in splendid Gouache Paintings.

Pang Jiun (1936-) presents poetic tranquility in his flower artworks, with contrasting colors and texture, blending the explosiveness of Fauvism with the refinement of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Yeh Tzu-Chi (1957-) delicately depicts fleeting moments of flowers, conveying a sense of time and space beyond the surface.

Peonies symbolize wealth and peace in Pan Yu's (1959-) creations, where she achieves a balance between movement and stillness. Pan Hsin-Hua (1966-) explores a new vision of contemporary ink painting, weaving intriguing surreal landscapes.

In the works of Chi Chien (1974-), bright floral patterns contrast with color blocks, creating conflicts between natural beauty and intimacy, reflecting his thoughts on conflicting issues. Lin Hung-Hsin (1975-) realistically reproduces flowers from digital images, challenging the relationship between painting and digital media.

Lin Hao-Bai (1983-) presents the delicate beauty of flowers through realistic oil painting techniques. Chen Yu-An (1989-) skillfully integrates natural creatures into murals, presenting familiar plants from different perspectives.

Chuang Dao-Ming (1989-) expresses his understanding of life and inner hope through lifelike flowers and birds, resonating with viewers through expressive means.