Inebriated Hymns Amidst Blossoms

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2024-06-01 ~ 2024-06-30


1F, No 115, Sec. 4, Ren'ai Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipe


Opening event: 6/2 (Sat.) 3:00 pm

   By displaying Eastern charm through Western media, and conveying life's insights through abstract flora, Yen Ye-Cheng transforms his thoughts and emotions into depictions on canvas. From sensory reception to thought organization, the appearance of the external world is sublimated into abstract colors, textures, and lines on the canvas. Yen Ye-Cheng develops endless imaginations from the images of flowers and plants. His works are not merely observations and imitations but rather constructed with flowing, smearing, and fluctuating brushstrokes, expressing the ups and downs of daily life and depicting a profoundly intriguing spiritual world. Yen Ye-Cheng's paintings exude a strong expressionist color, intuitively injecting emotions into the pictures, often gradually guided into shape by the brush after the stroke. He uses the textures of oil and acrylic paints to showcase the unique beauty and charm of the East, integrating Western automatic techniques and Eastern freehand thinking through simplified, semi-abstract brushstrokes. He transforms internalized personal cultivation and emotions into a rich visual language. Coupled with bold and unique color usage, and occasionally delicate and unrestrained brushstrokes, flowers and plants gradually spread and extend like in the natural growth process, eventually covering the entire canvas. His vigorous creative energy has also led to the gradual expansion of the size of his works, from single to double and triple canvases. The vitality expands with the dispersion of pigments. His works are delicate and rich in color, breaking the barrier between figurative and abstract art, and transcending the pursuit of formal innovation, returning to the purity of painting.